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SAP Business One helps to document carefully each step in the sales process. It quickly creates listings, converts them to sales orders, schedules deliveries, updates the inventory and completes reliably all invoices and accounts. This saves time, reduces input errors and ultimately lowers the cost.

The modules as an overview:

  • customer offers and orders
  • invoicing and credit-worthiness
  • sales and pipeline forecasts

Customer Offers - For each offer, the gross profit can be calculated, the sales price history checked, and the document then seamlessly exported to Microsoft Word.

Custom Order - The order entry is simplified because the availability of items can easily be checked across several warehouse locations. If bottlenecks emerge, it can be selected from a list of alternative items or at least a subset of the products ordered can be delivered. For each line item, a delivery date can be specified to the customer and the goods can be delivered to various addresses on request. Customer orders can be automatically converted into orders and these directly delivered to the customer via drop shipment.

Delivery - Packing documents can be easily created to all goods delivered. When creating a shipment, the articles may be packaged in different virtual packages. Via mouse click it can be stored out of the delivery a tracking number of the delivery, and the delivery status can be retrieved. Stock levels are automatically updated upon delivery of the software.

Returns processing - Returns can be quickly processed. Inventory and the balance payable can be simply matched with the relevant supplier.

Backorders - all the orders always remain in view, which due to inventory shortages could not be met yet, and worked up as soon as the goods are back in stock.

Invoicing - Every invoice automatically creates a journal entry. Also receipt documents for partial payments can be created.

Invoice and payment - Invoice and receipt document can be created in one step by using information of the same document.

Credit - You can create a credit for returned merchandise by simply importing the required data from the original invoice.

Advance payments - Payments can be processed either with or without an invoice. The corresponding entries are made after receipt of the deposit or documented without receipt.

Document printing - Printing of sales and purchasing documents can be selected by period, document number or document type.

Cached documents - All documents can be saved as a draft, and later on used for any further processing or printing.

Assistant for document generation - The document generation out of distribution activities and the order processing out of one or more documents can be automated. This assistant allows creating of target documents on the basis of orders, deliveries, returns, invoices or receipts - such as delivery notes or invoices. Upon request, all previous sales records of a client can be summarized in one invoice. Or it can be made one monthly invoice for each customer out of orders and delivery notes.

Reminder assistant - Reminders can be created automatically and sent by running the assistant at regular intervals (monthly or weekly). This will keep an eye on unpaid customer invoices, and can run at predefined intervals different dunning levels.

Predefined reports:

  • open documents
  • sale analysis

Further information can be found here