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SAP Business One supports the systematic procurement process by management and maintenance of all transactions with suppliers. Reporting capabilities allow assessment and reconsideration of suppliers and procurement strategies at any time.

The modules as an overview:

  • orders and deliveries
  • goods receipts and returns
  • credits
  • accounts payable

Order - To order materials or services of third parties, orders can be easily created, printed and sent by post, fax or e-mail to the supplier. The orders are also derived directly from customer orders. This ensures that the right merchandise in sufficient quantity is available at any time. If an order is present, the available quantity of goods is updated immediately. In addition, the warehouse management solution informs about the expected delivery date. If necessary, the orders can simply be divided, for example, when the items are to be delivered in different warehouses.

Goods receiving - Deliveries can be accepted in one or more warehouses. Receipts can be combined with an order. If the amount received does not correspond to the original order, an appropriate response is made automatically. For items that go back to the vendor, a return receipt is created. Thus, quantities and prices of the incoming goods can be partially or totally canceled.

Invoice - Payments to suppliers can be edited by creating invoices, which automatically trigger journal entries.

Credits - If goods return to the respective suppliers, a credit may be issued. The data, which are required for the credit can be simply retrieved from the original invoice.

Pricing - Various elements of the cost (such as freight, insurance, or customs) can be assigned to the FOB costs of each item at any time, and thus the purchase price can be calculated. The software also updates continuously and automatically the actual stock value of existing products.

Deposit - Down payment requests from suppliers can be processed with or without an invoice. The corresponding entries can be made after receipt of the deposit, or a prepayment can be recorded without booking.

Freight Costs - The total additional cost that arises with the purchasing process, such as insurance, postage or other costs and charges can be tracked and recorded.

Parked documents and document printing - all purchasing documents saved as drafts can be processed, sorted by period, document number, document type or printed.

Order recommendation report - Construction contracts and purchase orders can be automatically summarized in a recommendation report. If a position is bought externally, only the production order has to be converted into an order. To streamline the procurement process further, the orders from a supplier can be grouped in a list optionally.

Predefined reports:

  • open documents
  • purchase analysis

Further information can be found here