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Cross-cutting functions in SAP Business One help to plan and cover the material requirements in manufacturing reliably, keep bills of materials and replenish inventory in the warehouse automatically. In addition, reporting capabilities are available, by which suppliers and procurement strategies can be evaluated and re-thought at any time.

The modules as an overview:

  • bills of materials
  • construction contracts
  • forecasting and material requirements planning

Material requirements planning - The production and procurement of articles may be scheduled and managed based on a variety of criteria. The solution draws back on existing bills of materials, inventory data, input from scheduled production orders and purchase orders and demand data from actual orders and order forecasts.

Forecasts - Reliable demand forecasts can be created by using the wizard for material requirements planning which uses historical purchasing data, sales orders received and other prognosis indicators.

Material requirements planning wizard - This wizard allows to optimize the future material needs as well as to manage and control comprehensively retail and manufacturing recommendations, including exceptions. By taking into account minimum order quantities and multiple orders, discounts can be made or set on standard size lots in production and thus reduce costs. A special report in the planning wizard recommends whether items should be developed internally or bought externally. By using the drill down options, the net requirement calculations can be seen and the documents showed, which is based on the gross requirements.

Order recommendation report - Construction contracts and purchase orders can be automatically grouped together in a recommendation report. Should an item be purchased externally, only the production order has to be converted into an order. To streamline the procurement process further, the orders from a supplier are combined in one list.

Predefined reports:

  • open production orders
  • bill of materials

Further information can be found here