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Customer service

SAP Business One provides integrated capabilities for customer relationship management. Thus, customer acquisition, customer retention and profitability of the business relationship can be controlled. The close interaction among marketing, sales and service ensures high transparency over the entire duration of the relationship. Special service call features support service operations, compliance and administration of service contracts and service planning.

The modules as an overview:

  • management of customer equipment
  • management of service contractshandling of service calls (collection and tracking)

Master data of customer equipment - Important details about sold items, as serial numbers of the manufacturer, manufacturer's serial numbers of spare parts or the history of the service request, can be accessed at any time. In addition, the article assigned service contracts can be viewed directly.

Customer equipment report - This report shows all items that were purchased by a customer or a customer group - including the serial numbers.

Service contracts - Support or warranty contracts can be created easily for all sold products or services. Here can be found also the data on duration of the contract and associated services - such as processing times and deadlines to resolve the problem.

Service calls - all service calls, which are applied to a specific date or within a certain period of time, resolved or completed, can be checked with this report. It can also be made restrictions, for example, only a certain service queue is to be seen, a certain technicians to be checked, a problem type analyzed, priority requested or a particular item or call status shown. Open and overdue schedules can be displayed, too.

Service calls by service queue - Service calls can be traced to a specific event-based history. Thus, the status of a service call can be monitored, assigned to a specific technician or a technician can be scheduled in a team-queue.

Reaction time by technician - The communication between clients and the service department can be monitored. A key measure is the period in which customers receive a satisfactory answer, or is found a proper solution.

Predefined reports:

  • service calls
  • customer equipment
  • service calls by queue
  • service monitoring
  • response time for technicians
  • average completion time
  • open service calls
  • overdue service calls
  • service contracts

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