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Business Partner

SAP Business One enables to create and manage all interested parties and business partners in sales and purchasing. All basic data as contact, delivery and payment is maintained here to be accessed in the further process.

The moduls as an overview:

  • general management
  • customer contact and activity management

Master data of business partners - All information such as e-mail addresses, profiles, sales reports, activities or balances of customers, sales partners and suppliers are managed centrally. Calendar features help to reliably keep track of activities and to find specific items easily.

Administration of potential buyers - Data of prospective clients can be collected easily by import from Excel files or other standard formats, and then effectively managed in SAP Business One. For example, those interested clients can be adopted in e-mail, contact or mailing lists to carry out marketing campaigns and cold calling.

Predefined reports:

  • activity overview
  • inactive customers
  • dunning history