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Boyum IT: B1 Usability Package
for SAP Business One 

B1 Usability Package - a collection of tools to reduce the implementation time and increase customer satisfaction

The B1 Usability Package is a certified add-on for SAP Business One. It has been designed to make SAP Business One to an easier-to-use platform. B1UP is very user friendly and enables consultants to make configurations, which were previously possible only for developers.

B1UP consists of many different modules with different functions for specific requirements. The modules can be manually activated and deactivated. The B1 Usability Package makes you more competitive by:

  • Flexibility that is normally to be found only in in-house developed systems, but includes also the benefits of a standardized solution.
  • Easy configuration by the customer that saves development time and shortens the implementation.
  • Increase of data integrity while increasing data security.
  • Users can tailor their system to their own work routines, which makes them ultimately work more efficiently.

The B1 Usability Package was developed by Boyum IT A / S, a Danish company that is specialized in SAP Business One and its system integration. Boyum IT A / S is a certified SAP partner since 2003.

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