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Add-on: Link to Microsoft Outlook

SAP Business One can be easily linked to Microsoft Outlook by an add-on. This provides the ability to exchange data with others, and to keep them up to date on customer or new business development opportunities. 

Data synchronization - It offers a straightforward reconciliation of appointments, contacts and tasks between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook. Automatic synchronization runs can be planned and conflicts between the two applications can be avoided. 

Offers - Offers from SAP Business One can be imported into Microsoft Outlook. There it can be viewed, edited and sent. New offers can be created in Microsoft Outlook, which are then stored in SAP Business One.

E-mail integration - The seamless link to Microsoft Outlook provides the ability to:

  • save e-mails from Microsoft Outlook as an activity in SAP Business One
  • store e-mail text file with all the equipment as an add-on to an activity in SAP Business One
  • mark activities for resubmission or to get remembered